Frequently Asked Questions

The Mission of Healthy Urgent Care is to provide compassionate care. Healthy Urgent Care is a facility with all the comforts of home so that the healing process begins as soon as you walk in the door. Our goal is to offer quality care and services that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most major insurances. We also work with self-pay patients. Please call the office if you have an insurance question.

When are you open?

Please check with locations for office hours.

What are your payment policies?

Co-payments are due prior to being seen. We accept cash, credit cards and debt cards. We do not accept checks.

You can pay your bill online by following the instructions on the Pay Bill page.

Are you open on holidays?

We are open on holidays. Please call the office for holiday hours.

What are the wait times?

Most patients will be able to get in and out in less than an hour.

What is E-Prescribing?

Healthy Urgent Care has a new state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record. With this technology, we have the ability to electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Your prescription will be waiting for you at the pharmacy. This will save you time for more important things.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging, where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. Also less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography. We can also provide you with a CD of the x-ray to take with you. This is yours to keep.

What is Electronic Medical Record?

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a medical record in digital format. This provides a safe and organized place to keep your private information.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

Contact the office directly for payment.